5 tips for increasing your chances of a rental property!

Finding and renting the right home in Rotterdam can be quite a challenge.

The pressure on the housing market is very high and that is why you often view with several interested parties. How do you ensure that you as a candidate stand out and have the best possible chance of getting the house? Rental agent Melanie van Ben Housing has a number of useful tips for you:

1. Provide a nice introduction of yourself

Just like with a job application, it is very important that you present yourself well. In this way, an owner has a good idea of ​​who he will get into the home. In addition, nice introductions are of course more noticeable!

2. Are you going to share? Determine the room distribution quickly!

Are you going to share a house with friends? Make sure you have quickly made a decision about the room allocation. The sooner you express your interest to the owner, the greater the chance of the property!

3. Bring your own furniture? Check the sizes!

Take a tape measure with you to a viewing to quickly check whether your furniture fits in the rooms. This way you can quickly pass on that you want the house and you have a better chance!

4. Multiple viewings? Schedule them in quick succession!

That way you don’t have to keep the owner waiting long for your answer and the choice of a home and you have a better chance of getting the home!

5. Guarantor or guarantor? Arrange it on time!

If you have a very variable income or if your income is not sufficient according to the income requirement, we can ask for a guarantor or guarantor. Make sure you have this person’s details quickly to increase your chances of getting the property.

Are you ready for it?

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