Cancel rental agreement

Do you want to cancel your rental agreement?

If you are moving and you want to terminate your lease, you must inform us of this in time. You must take into account a number of points of attention:

  • Cancellation is only possible on the 1st of a month
  • We use a cancellation period of at least 1 calendar month, which means that after receiving your cancellation you still have to pay your rent at least once
  • If you rent the property together with a partner, the lease must be canceled by both of you. The lease termination must then be provided with both of your signatures
  • State your new address and bank details in your lease termination. This to be able to pay you a possible payment of a deposit and / or any service costs to be settled.

How can you report your lease termination to us?

1. Written

You can submit your lease termination by letter, by post (preferably registered) to us; you can address this to:

Ben Vastgoedbeheer BV
T.a.v. afdeling Verhuur
Jonker Fransstraat 94a
3031 AW Rotterdam

2. Digital

You can submit your lease termination by e-mail at:

Note! When you submit the lease termination by e-mail, it must be provided with your (both) signature(s).We therefore advise you to scan your letter or form and to e-mail us.

Confirmation of your lease termination

We will confirm the receipt of your cancellation to you in writing within five working days.

What can you expect?

In the second or third week of the last rental month, the property will be inspected by us during office hours for any imperfections and / or defects. We will inform you in writing in the first week of the last rental month about the date and time of the preliminary and final inspection on which the property will be inspected.

You must completely vacate the property at the end of the rental and be delivered in proper condition. In this context we would like to refer you to the guidelines for the final delivery of the house (see the guidelines on how do I deliver the house?).

Viewing new tenants

As soon as we have received your cancellation letter, we will immediately start looking for a new tenant. In consultation with you, we will schedule a viewing for which we will invite several rental candidates.

We usually view with several candidates in the hope that the property is rented out immediately and you will hardly be “bothered” by it.

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