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Ben Housing is known for its diverse offer in the especially higher segment in and around Rotterdam.

Ben Housing rents out apartments, anf single-family houses. We rent ouit in all segments;
unfurnished, semi and fully furnished for both long stay and short stay. This makes Ben
Housing different from other rental brokers. We distinguish ourselves by our variable supply,
flexibility in rent periods and our diversity of landlords. Ben Housing rents out for large and
small property investors and private homeowners.

See here how we work!

Why choose Ben Housing?

  • No waiting lists
  • Be able to rent flexibly (long and short term)
  • Homes are available quickly
  • Diverse offer (unfurnished, semi and fully furnished)


I am interested in a home.

This is important to do and know in advance:

  • Look carefully beforehand at the requirements set for a home, it would be a shame if
    it fell through on this.
  • Make sure we have received your required documents in 1 mail within 24 hours
    (check required documents)
  • Pressure on the Rotterdam rental housing market is very high, with each home
    attracting numerous potential tenants. This means that we cannot invite everyone for
    a viewing and only 1 tenant will be allocated the home. The latter is determined by
    the homeowner.

Go to our how we work page, then you will know exactly what you need to do to qualify for the rental
home you are interested in!

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We are your real estate agent for rental in and around Rotterdam.