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Welcome to Ben Vastgoed Beheer!

Ben Vastgoedbeheer is a sister company of Beheer & Advies - Ben Housing and has been active as a property manager in Rotterdam for more than 18 years.

Our property management service is continuously growing within our company. After being active for 18 years, we can say that we are a professional and skilled property manager who treats things with the heart. Almost every day we receive requests from both small and larger real estate investors to take over property management. Our relations want to be unburdened and realize an optimal return. We see that most of our relations have other activities, so they cannot focus on managing their own real estate. On the other hand, they logically want to keep a grip on their real estate. We like to respond to this and know better than anyone what it is like to be a real estate investor. Within our sister company Ben Vastgoed we also invest in real estate. We are therefore happy to share our knowledge and experiences with our relations and can therefore completely unburden you.

Which real estate investors are a good fit for us?

Our customer portfolio is very diverse and the size of the real estate portfolios varies enormously (from 3 to 250 properties), and we like that! Real estate investors with a portfolio of 3-5 residential/commercial properties are very welcome with us.

Managing apartment complexes

Ben Vastgoedbeheer is also an expert in both renting out and managing (newly built) apartment complexes. In addition, we can provide broad advice in the field of rental and management before, during and after the completion of the complex. We like to think along with you and are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.

More information? Visit us, send a message via the website or or call us on office days between 11:00 and 12:00.

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The benefits of outsourcing your management to Ben Vastgoedbeheer

1. More than 18 years of knowledge & experience as a real estate investor, landlord & administrator
2. Everything under 1 roof service; rental & management is taken off your hands with als objective no vacancy and an optimal return.
3. Rent payments are received in Ben’s third-party funds account
Housing so that you as a relation of Ben Vastgoedbeheer do not run any financial risk.
4. Property management system available 24/7

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Which tasks do we take care of for you? Financial management:

1. All communication with the tenant(s)
2. We answer all your tenant’s questions
3. We collect the rent for you from our third-party account of the Foundation
third-party funds Ben Housing.
4. We will take action in the event of unpaid or incomplete rent; sending reminders
& demand notices until rent payments are paid
5. You will receive a monthly specification of the rent from us
6. We will send you the annual rent increase letters and advise you on this
7. We receive the rental notices and ensure that i.s.m. Am Housing a
to find a new tenant. The goal is not vacancy.

Which tasks do we take care of for you? Technical management:

1. We receive the technical reports via our property management system
2. The technical reports are handled by us and, where necessary, with you
3. We will check the work performed for you where necessary/desired
4. All technical reports are archived in the property management system
5. We are present at the check-out and check-in of your home(s) and take care of a
inspection report with photo report
6. On request (at an additional cost) we will carry out interim inspections for you,
so that you are well informed about the status of your home

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