Renting process for companies

We are happy to give you advice about the houses and the environment, but also about public transport and other things.

Suitable rental accommodation for your staff

The team at Ben Housing receives weekly enquiries from various international, national companies and various foreign professionals in Rotterdam as to whether suitable rental accommodation is available for one of their staff members.

Indeed, several companies are looking for housing for several national and international employees, from all over the world. Everyone notices that it is quite difficult to find a suitable rental home in one of Rotterdam's districts. Pressure on the Rotterdam rental market is high and is expected to increase due to new laws and regulations.

Ben Housing closely follows this development and is on hand to support you in your search for suitable accommodation for your staff. After all, it is important for your staff to have a real home that allows them to function well at work. We will gladly make an inventory of the housing needs and then start working for you immediately. We will present you with available homes that meet the requirements of you and your employees. We can accompany you with viewings and this can also be done via facetime, videos and
photos. Whatever is convenient for you. We will be happy to give you advice on the properties and their surroundings, as well as, for example, on public transport and other things.

Are you looking for a suitable rental home for your staff, for a temporary period or for a longer period? Are you looking for a semi or fully furnished rental home in or around Rotterdam?

Ben Housing has been active in the Rotterdam rental market as a letting agent for over 18 years and therefore has a lot of experience and expertise.

As a result, we have built up a wide commercial network of housing providers and various rental brokers. Our offer of rental housing is therefore broader and larger than other brokers, thus increasing the chances of
finding a suitable rental home for your staff. We operate in a wide working area in and around
Rotterdam in almost all districts. As experts, we work not only for expats but for anyone who
needs assistance in finding a suitable rental home with a budget from €1,500 excluding gas,
water and electricity per month.

How does it work in practice?

We are happy to give you advice about the houses and the environment, but also about public transport and other things.

We take stock of your / your staff's housing needs (given the tight market, we also give advice on this).


We consult our property network (including other rental agencies) to find a suitable home.


In case of interest, we schedule viewings / or conduct the viewing and make a video (if the prospective tenant cannot attend).


After choosing a home, Ben Housing's professional is the intermediary between the prospective tenant and the relevant landlord.


Among other things, we provide advice on the property, utilities, the rental agreement and conduct negotiations.


We are present at the key handover where the final inspection of the property in question is also carried out.

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