Pre and final inspection

Pre and final inspection

Are you unable to attend the pre- or final inspection? Then you can authorise someone.

We do our best to make the pre- and final inspection as easy as possible for you. You may not be able to be present during a preliminary or final inspection. This is not a reason to cancel the appointment. You have the opportunity to authorize someone for these appointments. The letter of confirmation of the preliminary and final inspection states that you can authorize someone to attend these appointments in your place if you are unable to attend.

Both an authorization form for the pre-inspection and an authorization form for the final inspection are enclosed with the letter.

Here you can indicate who will be present in your place. You must also fill in the address and place of residence of the person and sign the form. This authorization form must be handed over to the relevant technical manager during the preliminary or final inspection. The authorized person must also show a valid ID to the technical manager.

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