How to return a rental?

How to return a rental?

You have canceled your home and a lot can come your way when you move house. You may be wondering how you are expected to leave the house behind. With this explanation we try to give you a good picture of our expectations regarding the correct leaving of the house. You should take into account the fact that it can differ per complex on a detailed level. Our supervisor or technical manager will tell you exactly what you need to do during an inspection of the home.

House delivery guidelines

With the guidelines below we try to indicate as clearly as possible how you should leave your home. This list is not exhaustive and serves as a summary of the most common situations.

Deliver the entire house as well as the associated storage room empty and clean. You must call in the municipal cleaning company for the disposal of coarse waste. It is not permitted to simply leave bulky waste in the common container space (if applicable). Remove and dispose of all existing floor coverings, such as (under) carpet, tarpaulin, cork, parquet, tiles, etc.


Ensure floors and stairs are smooth and free of foam and/or adhesive residues.


All walls must be wallpapered and/or painted in a neutral color (where the wallpaper may not be torn), or delivered ready for wallpaper. The neutral color must be paintable in one go. Remove any paneling, decorative plaster, stone slips, etc. from the walls and deliver these walls with smooth plaster.


Deliver the ceilings and the standard sanding work white and completely free of covering materials and/or adhesive residues.


Frames, windows and doors painted in a strongly deviating color yield the original standard colour.


Remove curtain rails including supports. Seal holes neatly and flat.


Remove widened window sills. Replace original window sills. These must be delivered in good condition, so without holes, damage and/or glue residue.


Remove stickers, decals, adhesive foil and other adhesive attributes including adhesive residue.


Remove all screws, hooks, nails and plugs from walls, ceilings, doors, etc. and close the holes neatly and evenly.


Replace damaged and pierced tiles. The same applies to painted wall or floor tiles.


Leave sanitary facilities (including taps and fittings) complete and undamaged.


Deliver the kitchen unit complete and without damage, free of coverings, paneling and painting. All doors without holes and/or damage. Any temporarily removed doors must be hung back in the frame undamaged.


Replace dust sills (= thresholds) in the frames.


Make the locks work properly and put the handles in the normal position.


Leave the CV manual and the filling hose set complete.


Leave the loose or fixed cupboards in good condition, equipped with keys, shelves and supports.


Leave all keys to the interior doors.


Delivering the garden neat and even, so without holes or mountains. Sandboxes, ponds, etc. must be removed from the garden.


The standard terrace or standard tiles must be present in the garden.


Remove exterior blinds. The drill holes must be sealed neatly and flat and in the same color as the substrate.


Remove self-installed outdoor lighting.


All wall sockets (sockets), switches and electrical cover plates must be undamaged and unpainted. Any child safety devices and other self-installed electrical facilities must be removed.


All light points must be fitted with a terminal block.


All standard facilities belonging to the house must be present. All changes made by you in, on or to the rented property must be returned to their original state. If certain changes are transferred to the subsequent tenant, a transfer report must be drawn up for this purpose, which must be signed by both parties. Adoption of changes that have been made without (written) permission from the lessor is not permitted. Nuisance-causing items and unsafe or unhealthy items, such as floor coverings containing asbestos, may also not be transferred to the subsequent tenant.


Finally, you must leave the house in such a way that frost cannot cause damage in any way to the central heating system, water supply and/or sanitary facilities including drain(s).

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